SERVICES: Integrated Design Media

Integrated Design Media utilizes three forms of design media, web design, print media and animated presentations to showcase your company's products and services. We help to create awareness of your products and market your company with top-quality designs. Instead of just relying on a single platform to reach customers, you can now make use of an integrated design media to reach current and potential clients on more levels.

SMSWeb Design

Our highly skilled designers will provide you with web designs that promise to be relevant and appealing. This will attract potential customers and prompt them into using your services. Your websites can also serve as an informative platform for current customers to wish to find out more about your services. Our designs promise to be visually appealing while at the same time providing information to the masses.

SMSPrint Media

Print media engages an audience that has limited or no internet access and coupled with our other forms of design media, ensure that you reach every potential market possible. Even in print, we are able to draw up visual stimulations that will draw attention, creating an awareness among the masses.

Animated Presentation

Websites no longer have to be limited to text and pictures. With animated presentations/flash animations, you can now reach your customers and potential customers and higher levels, stimulating their senses and tugging at their emotions. Guaranteed to improve response by taking advantage of the window of opportunity after the animation, during which customers are more likely to purchase your products.