About user guide

  • These web hosting and e-mail userguides stored in this folder is for most daily operation use.
  • Most of the userguide requires you to be administrator(s) to perform the task, not normal E-mail user.
  • There is still many more features not yet document in but it will be too many to put in and refer.
  • There are 9 major usage user guide and please download the respective user guide for your needs to refer.
  • The server had spam feature and if you having problem receving e-mail a day or more, you will need to refer spam user guide to retrieve your e-mail needed.
  • You will need to had acrobat reader installed in order to view user guide.

About E-mail Problem

  • If you are having problem accessing e-mail cannot send and receive, please check your system connectivity to Internet that it can access web site such as yahoo.com
  • Please refer to how to read webmail user guide to check if your e-mail quota is full.
  • If the e-mail quota is not full and you use e-mail software to read and sent e-mail, our support limitation including phone only for people using e-mail software Outlook Express for Winxp and Windows mail for Vista only.
  • Please run Windows mail for vista or Outlook Express for WinXP, under tool, accounts, select the correct e-mail account for this web hosting server to click remove and refer to user guide on configure e-mail software again.