SERVICES: e-Marketing

Web Hosting

eMarketing employs the use of electronic media and market a brand using the Internet. The return on investment greatly surpasses that of traditional marketing strategies.

Why choose eMarketing?

  • Extremely low risks
  • Faster response
  • Increased interactivity
  • Increased exposure of products and services
  • Boundless universal accessibility

e-Mail Advertising


e-Mail your company's services to all our 1,000,000 Singapore email contacts. Marketing is all about consistency. By using Email Advertising, your company can constantly remind and engage your clients and potential clients on the latest products and services that you offer.

Research has shown that 100% of the Professional, Managerial, Executives & Business Owners (PMEBs) working in Singapore are using emails in their normal course of work. With our system, you can customize special promotions using viral marketing which will encourage them to forward the email to their friends.


  • Sent Mail Statistics
  • Comply with Singapore Spam Control Act
  • Upload Contacts
  • Import Contacts
  • WYSIWYG Editor

SMS Broadcast

SMSSMS Marketing has proven to be an efficient way to follow up with your potential lead. Also, with this SMS system, you will be able to increase repeat business by scheduling appointment reminders and/or promotions to your existing clients. You can compile your own leads and mobile number into the system and send them regular updates. Using our system, you can even personalize the SMS message with personal salutations.

In this digital age, we know that almost everyone owns a mobile phone and people do not leave home without. This personal touch tool guarantees that when the recipients glance at their mobile, they already have your message. Almost every mobile owner will open the text message to read, compare with stands and banners hoping that potential customers will even take note of it.

Besides using this tool to disseminate your latest promotions and campaigns, you can also ride on our SMS broadcast for reminder appointments, send birthday wishes, holiday greetings etc.

If you don’t have enough mobile numbers for the broadcast, we have up to 1 Million Singapore mobile numbers database where you can select by different criteria.

Search Engine Marketing

SEOSearch Engine Marketing allows you to place your ads in a cost-effective way. Clients only pay whenever a potential customer clicks on your link, ensuring that your advertising revenue does not go to waste as your ad appears for free. In using Search Engine Marketing, you can access an entire World Wide Wide audience at only a fraction of the cost. Your ads will now appear at prime positions on search engine result pages.