We evaluate a wide range of products and services the world over, to find products of the highest efficacy and quality for our clients. The products and services we offer are international award-winning dermalogical breakthroughs, such as Sothys’ patented professional treatments and Jane Iredale’s revolutionary skincare makeup.

Facial Treatments

Our proprietary skin evaluation system is used to set skincare goals with our clients. Every new client starts with a skin evaluation where their aesthetician observes their skin condition under a specialized lamp to identify skin issues that are not visible to the naked eye. Then a skincare questionnaire is filled up by asking the client questions about their skin’s characteristics, current skincare regime and lifestyle.

With knowledge about clients’ skin, we will be able to advise them on the products and treatments that best suit them. It’s not about recommending services that are the most expensive but rather, treatments that best suit their unique skin type, condition and lifestyle.

Our facial treatments are divided into three categories: Basic Treatments, Intensive Treatments and High-Tech Treatments.

Basic treatments are for maintenance and care of facial skin. The use of salon professional products, services and equipment takes it one notch above daily skincare steps done at home.

Intensive treatments are for targeted and specific care of facial skin. The use of super active skincare ingredients with scientifically-advanced techniques provides proven results.

While experiencing basic and intensive facial treatments, you will be lulled into a state of serenity, with a combination of facial and upper body massages that relax you and detoxify your body through lymphatic drainage and increased blood circulation.

High-Tech treatments use the latest technologically-advanced skincare equipment and provide immediate and long-term results.