Company Profile


Established in April 2005, our main focus is on ELECTRICAL and MECHANICAL works for both the commercial and industrial clientele.  Despite young in establishment, the management has an extensive experience in the industry and with a pool of committed and dynamic workers; Power Tech Engineering is capable and confident of undertaking major projects.

在2005年4月建立的公司概况,我们的主要焦点在电子和机械功为商业和工业顾客。 尽管公司新创立,管理有广泛的经验在产业和与做的和动态工作者群; 力量技术工程学是能和确信承担主要项目。

Shortly after its establishment, we have registered with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for Mechanical Engineering (ME 11) and Electrical Engineering (ME05), as well Company’s Telephone Telecommunication Wiring Licence (ME08).

在它的创立之后,我们向大厦和建筑当局(BCA)登记为机械工程(ME 11)电机工程(ME 05),公司的电话电信接线执照(ME 08)

Our Mission


Our mission will never be compromised. We always strive to provide quality services and products in the most efficient way, so as to achieve and to be able to offer competitive prices to meet our clients’ demands and expectations.

我们的使命不会减弱。 我们总努力提供高质量的服务和产品用最高效率的方式,以便达到和能提供竞争价格遇见我们的客户’要求和期望。

Our Specialties


The company’s technological capabilities cover electrical equipment, instrumentation, information processing and data communication, computer systems and control systems. These capabilities are provided as a comprehensive service integrating all the elements such as:

公司的技术能力包括电机设备、仪器工作、信息处理和数据通信,电脑系统和控制系统。 这些能力提供作为集成所有元素例如的一项全面服务: