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Nanbantei is the first and longest-standing Japanese restaurant that serves Yakitori, a simple dish of grilled skewered meat.

Well seasoned with sea salt and grilled over a special charcoal, which radiates high heat. Nanbantei's yakitori has been well-known for its distinctive smoky flavor, slight charred edges and mouthful of rich savory juices with every bite.

Housed within Far East Plaza, we are found on the fifth floor of the establishment, in a small, homely but well ventilated premises that is crucial to a yakitori restaurant

With a thought to have our customers dining in a comfortable ambiance richly influenced by the traditional Japanese culture, we have kept our décor to a simple dark wood interior with beige-washed walls. There are private areas and cozy dining corners in our restaurant but if you like to be entertained, take a sit behind the counter and be mesmerized by the showmanship of our venerable yakitori Chef as he seasons and grills each order: slowly cooked over an open fire.

Here at Nanbantei, we offer a wide selection of ala carte skewered meats, seafood and vegetables. Hard to make up your mind? Order our Yakitori Courses (for dinner) or Yakitori Bento (for lunch) to enjoy a sumptuous meal complete with yakitori and accompany by many other popular japanese delicacy. Our chef recommendation includes, the asparagus maki ( asparagus wrapped with pork), shiso maki (pork with shiso leaf) ,tebasaki (chicken wings) and tsukune (chicken meatballs).

Our amicable yet exquisite services, guarantees an enjoyable unique dining experience.

Japanese Food | Japanese Dining | Japanese Grill food | Japanese Cuisine | BBQ Restaurant

Japanese Food,Japanese Dining, Japanese Grill food,Japanese Cuisine, BBQ Restaurant

Japanese Food

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant - We are specialized in Japanese Food especially in Yakitori and Japanese Grill Seafood. Check our menu for more Japanese Food at our Japanese Restaurant.

Japanese Grill Food / BBQ Restaurant

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant - a Japanese BBQ Restaurant famous in grill food like Japanese Grill Chicken (Yakitori), Japanese Grill beef, Japanese Grill Pork, Japanese Grill Seafood.

Japanese Dining

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant ( Japanese Food Restaurant / Japanese Dining Restaurant) - Tucked away on the fifth floor of Far East Shopping Centre, the establishment is homely; small and cozy, with good ventilation ( crucial for a yakitori establishment).

Japanese Food | Japanese Dining | Japanese Grill food | Japanese Cuisine | Japanese BBQ Restaurant